Our Company

Yellow Cab Full Transportation has and continues to be the icon of service for the transportation industry in Arizona. With our large fleet of taxicabs, limousines, VIP sedans, large capacity vans, and wheelchair & stretcher vans, we maintain commitment to our long-standing goal of TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.


Yellow Cab has been in business since July of 1967 with the same owners and management. It has grown steadily over the years from a modest start of 2 taxicabs to over 450 vehicles at the present time covering the entire State of Arizona. The owners/managers of the business have sufficient capital resources to ensure continuity and growth and to withstand economic downturns.
On November 1st of 2002, AAA was extremely proud to announce the acquisition of Yellow Cab of Arizona along with all it entities. With this purchase, Yellow Cab became the largest non-emergency medical transportation company in Arizona, owning AAA Cab, Yellow Cab, Courier Cab, Checker Cab, Neal’s Cab, TLC Cab and Fiesta Taxi.After celebrating our 25-year anniversary in 2007, we reflect on some of our foremost accomplishments that make us the unique frontrunner in the transportation industry.Yellow Cab is the only company elected to continue its relationship with the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. As other companies have come and gone and still other new ones are permitted, we are the only ones whose contract and service has maintained steady.Yellow Cab is a voucher-oriented company. Over half of our business comes from medical service providers and agencies that offer transportation to their clients. Because of our outstanding service, many of our accounts have been established with these providers for over a decade.

Despite the immense growth, Yellow Cab owner/managers still maintain a hands-on, personal, direct relationship with all aspects of operations including:

  • Driver Training and Relations
  • Safety Management Campaigns
  • Employee and Staff Management
  • Complaint Response and Resolution


Safe and Secure:

As safety and courtesy are our two largest concerns, Yellow Cab boasts a Safety Maintenance Campaign that is second to none. Our computerized dispatch system removes the temptation for drivers to write while in transit. All information is transferred via on-board terminals eliminating the need to listen to dispatch and copy information given.

Safety incentive programs both on an individual and company wide level constantly encourage and motivate drivers to be cautious and attentive while behind the wheel. Regular company newsletters enhance safety policies and promote defensive driving techniques, while offering great rewards for maintaining an accident-free fleet.

We were the first to install and utilize a GPS satellite dispatching system in the state of Arizona. With it, we are able to maintain a pickup time of less than 25 minutes on average. For enhanced safety, we can constantly monitor not only location, but also the direction of travel and speed of every vehicle within the fleet.