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Travel Smart: 10 Times to Take a Yellow Cab AZ

Taxis represent a safe, affordable, and reliable way to get where you're going. In fact, in many situations, taking a Yellow cab is your smartest choice. In this blog, we list 10 situations when you should take a Yellow Cab Arizona. 1. You Go Out Without a Designated Driver Driving under the influence of alcohol endangers your safety and your license. If you cannot drive, take a Yellow cab. Yellow Cab Arizona has a Program that will bring you back to the pickup location the next day for FREE to pick up your car. Monetary and emotional cost of an accident or a DUI is not reversible. 2. You Don't Have Time to Find Event Parking When you're running late for an event, you must account for every step you still have left. If you don't have time to drive around looking for a spot to park, take a Yellow cab AZ instead. 3. You Find Yourself in Inclement Weather Come rain, snow, or Dust storm, you still have to get to your destination. When sudden inclement weather hits you while away from home, trust a Yellow Cab AZ to take you home. 4. You Find Yourself Without a Car Unexpectedly Imagine that you drive to a function with a friend. When you want to leave, you friend isn't ready or even available. In this situation, it's often smarter to take a Yellow Cab AZ than to wait or try and arrange another form of transportation. 5. You Must Conduct Business During the Drive You lead a busy life and sometimes you have to be productive while traveling or lose precious time. While in a Yellow Cab AZ, you can talk on the phone, write,

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Taxis Saving Lives: 3 Ways Taxis Serve Us

When most people think of taxis, they think of them as a convenient service. Taxi drivers transport people where they need to go and get paid in return. But have you thought about the ways taxi drivers help their communities? Taxis are important-sometimes indispensable-to modern living. Here are a few ways they make our world a better place. 1. They Provide Medical Transport Fortunately, many medical service providers and insurance agencies contract through taxi companies. Taxi drivers come to patients' homes and offer rides to their medical appointments. These rides are covered by the patients' insurance or by other programs or organizations. Without this medical transport, many patients would not have a way to get to their medical appointments. Taxi companies help make this service possible. 2. They Decrease Emissions Would you be surprised to learn that taxis can be an environmentally friendly transport option? There are several reasons why. First, almost all Yellow Cab taxis are now Hybrid cars and taking a taxi helps you drive your car less. People who take taxis typically also take public transportation for part of their ride to work. Taking public transportation decreases their overall carbon footprint. Also, many people who ride in taxis ride-share. Just think of the environmental impact if three people took a taxi together rather than each person driving his or her own car 3. They Provide Transportation During Emergencies Taxi drivers helped out after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 in New York City. Right after the attacks, taxi drivers volunteered to transport emergency responders and volunteers to treat victims at the site. For weeks after the tragedy, some taxi drivers volunteered to transport victims' family members, police officers, and others throughout

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Stranger Danger: 6 Tips Your Teens Should Know About Safety After Dark

Your baby woke up one day transformed as a teenager, and you can hardly believe it. Your teenager is attending more parties or events and has a later curfew-that's part of growing up, after all-but you worry a bit about your teen late at night. Do you know how to help your child stay safe after dark? Below are six tips to help you teach your teenager to be security-minded while out. These tips will help ensure that your child is never stranded or alone. 1. Use a Taxi Service Your child should never be in a situation where he or she feels stranded or is forced to walk home alone. But unfortunately, these situations occur quite frequently. A million things could happen: your child might attend a party with friends, only to find that the designated driver had a drink; the car might have a flat tire; there might be a falling out among friends and your child wants to leave early. Whatever the case, your teen should understand that there is a way to get home safely: simply call a taxi service. A taxi can pick up your child and safely transport him or her home so that your teen doesn't have to accept a ride from a stranger or a buzzed driver in order to make it home on time. Explain to your teen that a taxi service should be used in an emergency, but that your teen shouldn't hesitate to call the taxi service if there doesn't seem to be another solution. Using a taxi to get home guarantees your teen's safety. 2. Bring Your Phone Charger If you're the parent of a teenager, there's one thing you understand very clearly-your

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Prepare for Your New Baby With These 3 Tips

You can't wait for your new baby to arrive. You've dreamed of holding your precious baby in your arms for so long, and you can't wait to cuddle and kiss your newborn. Becoming a parent, whether it's for the first time or not, is a sweet experience, and you are so excited for the day when you can finally see those tiny eyes gazing up at you. Of course, you also know that the moments before your baby arrives can be pretty hectic-and we're not just talking about the miracle of birth. It seems like everyone you know has some sort of horror story about the hours before arriving at the hospital. Your friend's husband forgot to take their two-year-old to the babysitter's house; your aunt left the oven on; your next-door neighbor didn't even pack overnight bags. You want to feel calm and relaxed before you become a new parent, not stressed or overwhelmed. Below are a few tips that can help you prepare for your stay in the hospital and the arrival of your newborn. Use these tricks to avoid any last-minute hassle before baby arrives. 1. Call a Cab Tip number one in the about-to-be-a-parent book is this: don't trust yourself to drive. You'll be stressed about getting to the hospital as soon as possible, and you might drive rashly or dangerously in your haste. Instead, call a taxi. A taxi can arrive quickly and get you to the hospital safely. Because your taxi driver is behind the wheel, you can focus on helping the mother-tobe. And if you are the mother-to-be, you can focus on breathing, not on giving driving directions. Keep the phone number to your local taxi company close,

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The Family Reunion Planner: 4 Simple Steps for the Perfect Reunion

Spring break is just around the corner, and your family has decided that this spring is the perfect time for a family reunion. You're looking forward to having everyone together and enjoying time together, but when you think about all of the logistics involved in a family reunion, you feel a little overwhelmed. When planning the perfect family reunion, it helps to stay organized. Our family reunion planner will help you prepare for the party and keep track of the details while you plan. And as you plan the reunion to perfection, your family will remember this event as the best family get-together in years! Read more below. Step #1: Consult Together Families can get a bit complicated, especially if someone feels that their opinion wasn't heard. You can eliminate a lot of the drama by talking with each member of the family long before you plan out the details. Ask some of these questions: What dates are best for your family to get together? What would you like to do during the family reunion? Are there any activities that you and your family can't do? What accommodations would be best for your family? How much money would you be willing to give to the family reunion budget? Of course, people in your extended family will have different priorities: some will have a bigger budget than others. Some will want more adventurous activities than others. You may need to make some tough calls later in your planning, but talking to everyone first ensures that they feel included and gives them a chance to make their opinions and needs known. As you plan further, recognize that you may not be able to please everyone in every

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Feeling Tipsy? 6 Ways to Stay Safe After Drinking Alcohol

Birthdays, holidays, weddings, and other celebrations bring family and friends closer together. They present the perfect opportunity to share fond memories and create new ones. They allow you to relax, unwind, and put your feet up. Special occasions also give you the chance to indulge a little. You may toast to a sister's happy new relationship. Perhaps you may drink to liven up the party. Or you sip a bit of wine to accompany the fine cheese served at dinner. But whether you down one can of beer or several bottles of wine, alcohol reduces your inhibitions and impairs your motor skills. If you don't exercise care, you could suffer a severe injury or become involved in an accident. To stay safe while celebrating, remember to follow these simple steps. 1. Know Your Limits Many experts recommend drinking alcohol in moderation, which is no more than one 12 oz. beer (for women) or two 12 oz. beers (for men). However, this recommendation doesn't mean that you won't feel tipsy after one can. Your size, weight, ethnicity, and age all contribute to your ability to tolerate alcohol. As a result, you may feel alcohol's effects much sooner than some of your friends or family members. If you know that you feel tipsy after one shot and thoroughly drunk after two, ask a friend or bartender to help you stay within your safe limits. 2. Snack Before and After Sips Alcohol absorbs quickly, and once it hits the bloodstream, it quickly distributes throughout the rest of your body. Soon the drink widens blood vessels (creating temporary feeling of warmth), lowers pulse rate, and decreases blood pressure. Oftentimes, you can often feel alcohol's effects within 30 minutes after

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The Best Taxi Scenes in Movie History

As you watch your favorite movies, you may notice an American icon: the yellow taxicab. This vehicle has been used in films since as early as the 1930s. But even as time and movie production technology have progressed, the taxi has remained a classic form of transportation in many films, such as those listed in the blog below. 1."Who Framed Roger Rabbit" (1988) In this live-action/animation crossover, "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" features Benny the Cab. Benny's sarcasm and need for speed make him one of the most memorable characters of the film. But unlike traditional taxis, Benny doesn't need a driver to operate. Throughout the movie, Benny takes Roger Rabbit on high-speed car chases and adventures you won't believe. 2."DC Cab" (1983) Starring Mr. T and Max Gail, "DC Cab" tells the tale of five down-on-their-luck cabbies working for a run-down cab company. A young man named Albert comes to town and tries to inspire the crew to become independent cab drivers, but Albert gets kidnapped during his visit. Do the cabbies search for Albert and become successful cabbies? Or will they continue to work for the failing cab company instead? 3. "Breakfast at Tiffany's" (1961) Perhaps the most iconic film of the 1960s, "Breakfast at Tiffany's" also contains one of the most heart-wrenching scenes in movie history. At the end of the film, Paul Varjak and Holly Golightly drive down the street in a taxi, Paul confesses his love to Holly and wants to marry her. She, however, rejects his proposal. After realizing she loves Paul, Holly jumps out of the taxi and runs in the rain to find him. 4."Taxi" (2004) Before Jimmy Fallon became a late-night talk show host, he appeared in

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10 Occasions When You Should Hire a Limo

Limousines represent elegance, wealth, and luxury. These long vehicles allow their passengers to ride in comfort and style while they enjoy amenities like mini-bars and entertainment systems. Limousines also offer excellent transportation for almost any occasion. Discover ten events that call for a limousine ride below. 1.Your Wedding Day When you and the love of your life decide to publicly declare your love, you want to leave the ceremony or the reception in style. Let your friends and family wish you well as you drive away in a limousine or luxury taxi. You and your new spouse can focus entirely on each other while someone else does the driving. Your limo company may even provide champagne and strawberries that help you continue celebrating your special day. 2.Your Prom Night For decades, teenagers have celebrated the biggest night of high school with rides in stretch limos. These longer vehicles accommodate larger groups, meaning you can stay with all your friends all night. So hire a limo for the whole evening. The car will take you and your date from dinner to the dance and then to any must-attend after-parties. 3.A Bachelor or Bachelorette Party Are you acting as the maid of honor or best man for a friend's upcoming wedding? If so, your responsibilities include planning that fabled all-out bash, a bachelor or bachelorette party. No matter what events you plan for that big celebration, include a limo in the festivities. The driver can transport you and your group from hotspot to hotspot all night long. 4.Sealing a Business Deal If you have an important current or future client coming into town, arrange for a limo or luxury car to pick him or her up from

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3 Must-See Locations in Tucson

You might have visited Phoenix or Flagstaff, but have you ever been to Tucson, Arizona? While the Grand Canyon and the city of Phoenix attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, Arizona's second-largest city draws huge crowds as well, and it offers its visitors a wide range of adventures. Whether you're traveling to Tucson for a business meeting or making it the destination for your next vacation, be sure to schedule a taxi service and visit some of the sites listed below. With our detailed recommendations for different types of tourists and visitors, you're sure to find something that will make your trip to Tucson memorable and exciting. 1. Outdoors Enthusiasts: Saguaro National Park You won't find a better place than Tucson to enjoy the Southwestern desert's unique beauty. And you won't find a better place than Saguaro National Park to marvel at the desert scenery firsthand. The saguaro is a common type of cactus found in the Arizona desert, but it's not the only sight to see at Saguaro National Park. The national park has two key area: the Tucson Mountain District to the west and the Rincon Mountain District to the east. The park's west side features a breathtaking saguaro forest, while the east side has a sky island-or free-standing mountain-surrounded by lower scrubland. The national park has a variety of hikes that are suitable for all types of hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. Try the following, depending your situation: Mica View Loop. This is the perfect hike for families with young children. In fact, since there's no elevation gain, it's more like a walk than a hike. You'll see beautiful views of the park and could catch a glimpse of some of

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9 Tips for Stress-Free Business Travel

For most people, the word "travel" conjures up images of sandy beaches, romantic foreign cities, or relaxing mountain resorts. But for people in business, travel often means stress, hassle, and hectic schedules. Between living out of a suitcase, keeping up with TSA guidelines, and planning for meetings and presentations, business travel can be tiring and taxing. But it doesn't have to be that way. Whether you're new to the business travel world or have accumulated hundreds of thousands of airline miles, you can make traveling a little less of a headache with the following nine tips. 1. Keep Your Bag Packed at All Times All travelers-leisure and business alike-know what it's like to forget crucial items, such as charging cables, deodorant, or socks. You can avoid forgetting something and having to make a trip to the local grocery store by keeping the essentials packed at all times. Buy a small travel bag, and place bottles of shampoo, toothpaste, and deodorant in the bag, along with charging cables, lip balm, and whatever else you need on a daily basis. Doing so will save you time during the pre-trip packing process. 2. Pack Wisely And by packing wisely we mean avoiding checking your bags. Checked baggage costs more, takes longer to retrieve, and weighs you down because it's harder to carry. Instead, pack wisely with the following tips: Take a maximum of two pairs of shoes-one pair on your feet and one in your bag. Pack one color of pants (or skirt) and a matching jacket. This allows you to mix and match your shirts and accessories, which take up significantly less room. Bring sleepwear that can double as leisure or workout wear. Try to stick to

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