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Prepare for Your New Baby With These 3 Tips

You can't wait for your new baby to arrive. You've dreamed of holding your precious baby in your arms for so long, and you can't wait to cuddle and kiss your newborn. Becoming a parent, whether it's for the first time or not, is a sweet experience, and you are so excited for the day when you can finally see those tiny eyes gazing up at you. Of course, you also know that the moments before your baby arrives can be pretty hectic-and we're not just talking about the miracle of birth. It seems like everyone you know has some sort of horror story about the hours before arriving at the hospital. Your friend's husband forgot to take their two-year-old to the babysitter's house; your aunt left the oven on; your next-door neighbor didn't even pack overnight bags. You want to feel calm and relaxed before you become a new parent, not stressed or overwhelmed. Below are a few tips that can help you prepare for your stay in the hospital and the arrival of your newborn. Use these tricks to avoid any last-minute hassle before baby arrives. 1. Call a Cab Tip number one in the about-to-be-a-parent book is this: don't trust yourself to drive. You'll be stressed about getting to the hospital as soon as possible, and you might drive rashly or dangerously in your haste. Instead, call a taxi. A taxi can arrive quickly and get you to the hospital safely. Because your taxi driver is behind the wheel, you can focus on helping the mother-tobe. And if you are the mother-to-be, you can focus on breathing, not on giving driving directions. Keep the phone number to your local taxi company close,

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The Family Reunion Planner: 4 Simple Steps for the Perfect Reunion

Spring break is just around the corner, and your family has decided that this spring is the perfect time for a family reunion. You're looking forward to having everyone together and enjoying time together, but when you think about all of the logistics involved in a family reunion, you feel a little overwhelmed. When planning the perfect family reunion, it helps to stay organized. Our family reunion planner will help you prepare for the party and keep track of the details while you plan. And as you plan the reunion to perfection, your family will remember this event as the best family get-together in years! Read more below. Step #1: Consult Together Families can get a bit complicated, especially if someone feels that their opinion wasn't heard. You can eliminate a lot of the drama by talking with each member of the family long before you plan out the details. Ask some of these questions: What dates are best for your family to get together? What would you like to do during the family reunion? Are there any activities that you and your family can't do? What accommodations would be best for your family? How much money would you be willing to give to the family reunion budget? Of course, people in your extended family will have different priorities: some will have a bigger budget than others. Some will want more adventurous activities than others. You may need to make some tough calls later in your planning, but talking to everyone first ensures that they feel included and gives them a chance to make their opinions and needs known. As you plan further, recognize that you may not be able to please everyone in every

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The History Behind the Taxicab

Taxis have become legendary in American culture. You've seen Jimmy Fallon learn how to drive one on the big screen, Miley Cyrus sang about her experience inside one, and books often describe the hero or heroine's journey in this yellow vehicle. But haven't you ever wondered how taxis began? You have an idea that it might have something to do with the invention of the automobile. Or did taxis exist before the car? Here, we'll tell you everything about the taxis cab, from its humble beginnings to its visionary future. Taxis of the Past You might feel surprised to discover that taxis date back to 17th century Europe. Individuals during this time period hired horsedrawn hackney carriages to travel across London, Paris, and other major European cities. Usually merchants, innkeepers, and elitists employed this coach service. By the mid-1800s, however, carriage services saw a new, faster model called the hansom cab. Joseph Hansom designed a smaller, lighter carriage that only required one horse to pull it. In fact, these coaches could easily traverse city streets and travel around traffic. As a result, this transportation method became increasingly popular. Taxis Get a Motor In the 19th century, Karl Benz invented the automobile. And as engineers developed new technology, the car improved significantly. By the end of the 1897, the first motorized taxis came about. Walter C. Bersey created a line of taxicabs in London. And during this same time, Samuel's Electric Carriage and Wagon Company of New York employed a similar vehicle. Two years later, Friedrich Wilhelm Gustav Bruhn, a German inventor, crafted the Daimler Victoria, the first gasoline-powered and taximeter-equipped cab. And by 1907, New Yorkers could find this same vehicle on the city streets.

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Don’t Panic: 4 Steps to Take If You Leave Something in a Cab

Every day, hundreds of tourists and travelers forget luggage, cell phones, and wallets in taxi cabs. Chances are likely that you, too, may forget something important in the back seat. If you've forgotten your purse or bag in a taxi, your first instinct might be to panic. You might worry that your valuables are gone for good, or that someone will claim your items as their own. But before you have a nervous breakdown, take a deep breath and follow these steps. 1.Collect the Information You Have About the Cab The more information you have about the cab, the better your chances of recovering your lost possessions. If you took note of the cab driver's name, cab number, vehicle make and model, and/or color of the cab are all useful pieces of information to have. 2.Protect Your Security You have no guarantee that you'll recover an object lost in a cab. If you lost sensitive items, take precautions to protect your identity, privacy, and security. If you left your passport, state ID or driver's license, or social security card, report the losses immediately. Cancel any credit or debit cards. You should also take steps to locate your phone and remove personal data if needed. 3.Fill Out a Lost and Found Form Most cab companies provide a lost and found form specifically to report losses like yours. If you aren't sure which cab company you used, look at your receipt or bank statement. Once you know the company name, visit its website and fill out the form with as much information as possible. If you need an example of information required for these forms, visit our lost and found eform (http://www.yellowcabaz.com/lost-found/). 4.Call the Local Information Authority

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