What we have in common – We know how to translate our accumulative knowledge and experience in the surface transportation industry, our people skills and the rules of probability into real applications in business and customer relationships. Knowing this increases our and our customers’ chances for success.

Market knowledge and experience means we are up to speed, however, we do focus on what fresh data and our analysis is telling us today for planning for tomorrow. The senior executive team has an average of 26 years in management and executive leadership experience and can appreciate what can be done from a customer’s perspective.

“We have built tremendous credibility with our team”

  • Hossein “Joe” Dibazar

    General Manager

  • Mir M. Shamsa


  • Van Means.

  • Jack Gilmet

    Director of Transportation
    Jack brings over 22 years of experience in the transportation industry to AAA Full Transportation’s management team. Jack has worked every position possible in the transportation industry, he has been a driver, phone dispatch, road supervisor, driver manager, and has been in his current position for 14 years. Mr. Gilmet oversees all drivers including STS Drivers, AAA Sedan Drivers, and Cab Drivers.