Whether you’re in town to see a Suns game or just soak up the sun, a taxi is often the most convenient, economical transportation choice. Unfortunately, because tourists often use taxi services, one taxi ride could make you vulnerable. Follow these safety tips the next time you’re in a Phoenix or Tucson, AZ taxi.
• Choose the Right Seat: Sit in the back of the cab on the passenger side.
• Double Check Your Driver: All cab drivers must display their official driver card in their taxis. Make sure the card is visible and its picture matches your driver.
• Pick a Travel Buddy: If intoxicated or otherwise incapacitated, share your ride with a friend.
• Protect Yourself: Text or call someone you trust and give them the driver’s details. This way, a reliable ally knows where you are and who you’re with.
• Travel Smart: We have many lost items inside of our cabs and if people would just take a few seconds to check for all of their items, it would save us all a headache.
For an even smoother trip, choose a reputable cab company. Residents of and visitors to Phoenix and Tucson trust Yellow Cab for dependable transportation every hour of the day or night.
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