Taxi AdvertisingWe offer cab top advertising on our fleet of over 850 cabs, as well as inside our cabs we have our AZISEZ magazine, which has local hot spots, events, things-to-do, and activities around the Valley and the Greater Tucson Metropolitan Tucson Area.  Tens of Thousands of people will see your “Ad” proudly displayed on top of one of our Yellow cabs.  It’s cost effective and offers wide circulation to get your name and phone number out to the public.

Yellow Cab Full Transportation offers advertising to our customers through our taxicabs.  Taxicabs are in operation 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Taxi Cab advertising is an advertisers dream, considering taxis go where people go.  If you are looking to increase business by branding your company and getting the most out of your advertising dollars Yellow Cab is the way to go!

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A few companies currently advertising on our moving billboards:

Napa Autoparts

Taxis drive 3,000 miles a week
Advertising on cabs offer over 87,000 monthly impressions